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Mantova e Ferrara...tra cielo e acqua

Mantua is not only beautiful: it's exciting. It 'a mix of water, land, history, art, nature, legends: you can discover them sailing the lakes and the rivers, the Mincio, the Po, that from Gonzaga palace conduct until Ferrara and Venice. Mantova, where Virgilio borned, emerges from the water immersed in water lilies, surrounded by poplars and willows. Already in 1729 Montesquieu saw it as "the second Venice": you cannot miss the navigation in the sunset and in the night, when the illuminated monuments are reflected in the placid water. Do not miss Palazzo Te, a masterpiece of Giulio Romano. While a few kilometers from Mantova a there is Sabbioneta, the San Benedetto Po abbey, that is called "the Cassino of the North".


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